diVa™ Treatments

diVa™ Treatments Questions and Answers

diVa™ and diVaTyte™ are quick, convenient, in-office, little downtime solutions for women’s intimate wellness issues and gynecologic health. Call us today to learn more about our services or book an appointment for a consultation for laser treatment in Aptos, CA!

diVa™ Treatments Near Me in Aptos, CA
diVa™ Treatments Near Me in Aptos, CA

diVa™ Technology

Only diVa™ uses hybrid fractional laser (HFL) technology to deliver two wavelengths to the same treatment zone. This synergistic effect improves the health and quality of vaginal tissue while heating deeper layers to stimulate collagen.

diVa™ is the only laser that addresses the three most common feminine issues of lubricationlaxity, and urinary leakage that can result from childbirth, menopause, breast feeding, chemotherapy, post-surgical changes, and other medical issues. These events may lead to thinning, drying, and inflammation of the vaginal walls, which can result in discomfort and infections.

diVa™ is:

  • A fast, 3-5 minute procedure
  • Delivered at your comfort level
  • Customizable for your special desired results


diVaTyte™ uses gently-pulsed light therapy to deeply heat the skin while safely cooling the surface. This comfortable procedure results in tightening of the vulvar area, providing long-lasting natural results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal patient for diVa™ or diVaTyte™?

Any woman who is looking to improve her vaginal health and external appearance. Women who experience urinary leakage, have had children, or are feeling the effects of hormonal changes caused by menopause are all excellent candidates.

How does diVa™ help with vaginal dryness and discomfort?

Hormonal changes and childbirth can thin the vaginal lining and cause scarring leading to pain, dryness, and tearing. diVa™ thickens the vaginal tissue by increasing blood flow and collagen. This leads to increased lubrication and protection of the superficial tissue.

How does diVa™ and diVaTyte™ help with vaginal laxity?

diVa’s™ HFA technology stimulates collagen, which thickens the vaginal lining and tightens the pelvic floor. While diVa™ focuses on the vagina and pelvic floor, diVaTyte™ focuses on tightening the skin of the outer labia.

How does diVa™ help with urinary leakage?

diVa™ treatments can be specifically tailored to target urinary structures and to tighten the pelvic floor, improving mild-to-moderate urinary leakage.

What will I experience during my diVa™ treatment?

diVa™ uses a disposable quartz dilator that remains stationary during the procedure. This thoughtful design allows for a comfortable patient experience while permitting diVa’s™ precision laser to be positioned accurately within the stationary dilator. The treatment itself is a quick 3-5 minute procedure. Topical anesthetic is used to ensure comfort.

What will I experience during my diVaTyte™ treatment?

diVaTyte™ uses a gently-pulsed light therapy to heat the skin of the outer labia for several minutes. The procedure is comfortable and does not require topical anesthetic.

Is there any discomfort with diVa™ or diVaTyte™?

Our goal is to deliver an effective treatment while minimizing any discomfort during the procedure. We will numb you with a topical anesthetic prior to your diVa™ treatment. Most patients report the sensation of pressure and some pulsations during the procedure, but minimal discomfort. The diVaTyte™ procedure focuses on warming the outer labia, which is a comfortable procedure that does not require anesthetic.

What should I expect during the first 48 hours following diVa™?

Patients can return to their daily routine immediately after the procedure. You may experience minimal discharge, spotting, or discomfort. It is recommended that you avoid sexual intercourse and tampon use for the first 48 hours, after which patients may return to their normal activities.